Machine Funk | Widespread Panic Tribute | Band

7/11/13 House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach SC

by admin on Sunday, July 14, 2013

I. Henry Parsons Died, Machine> Travelin Light, Holden Oversoul> Love Tractor, Diner> No Sugar Tonight, Knockin’ Round the Zoo, Give

II. Surprise Valley> Disco> Surprise Valley> Tail Dragger, Stop & Go*, Driving Song> Chilly Water> Four Cornered Room**> Chilly Water> Papa’s Home> Low Spark of High Heeled Boys> Drums> Sell Sell> Driving Song, Ain’t Life Grand

E: Red Hot Mama, Lawyers Guns & Money

* Naive Melody rap
** Electric Funeral tease

5/11/13 Hot Fish Club, Murrells Inlet SC

by admin on Monday, May 13, 2013

I. Holden Oversoul> Give, Travelin Light, Disco> Blue Indian, Sleepy Monkey> Rock> Protein Drink> Sewing Machine, Henry Parsons Died

II. Surprise Valley> Love Tractor, Red Hot Mama> Sharon, No Sugar Tonight, Life During Wartime> Drums*> Maggot Brain*> Chilly Water*> Arleen*> Chilly Water*, Climb to Safety

E: Can’t Find My Way Home, Ain’t Life Grand

* w/ Peter Jackson on percussion

3/29/13 Five Points Pub, Columbia SC

by admin on Saturday, March 30, 2013

I. Werewolves of London, Raise the Roof> Chilly Water, Ophelia, Holden Oversoul> Life During Wartime, Fishwater, Stop Breakin’ Down*

II. Ain’t Life Grand, Knockin’ Round the Zoo, Rock> Red Hot Mama*> Ride Me High*> Drums> Climb to Safety, Blackout Blues

E: End of the Show, Walk On

* w/ Daniel Huggins on sax

3/23/13 The Pour House, Charleston SC

by admin on Saturday, March 30, 2013

I. Porch Song> Love Tractor, Holden Oversoul> Sharon, Bowlegged Woman> Chilly Water> Bowlegged Woman, No Sugar Tonight, Fishwater

II. Surprise Valley> Red Hot Mama, Disco> Goin Out West, Action Man, Papas Home> Drums> Up All Night, Climb to Safety, Lawyers Guns & Money

E: And It Stoned Me, Arleen, Ain’t Life Grand